Feudal Development Resumed

For the past few months, I haven’t been working on Feudal much because of the time I have been spending on SexyMotdBungee.  With SexyMotdBungee released, I now have free time to resume the development of Feudal.

As a refresher, Feudal is a Bukkit plugin that will bring the old Feudalist government structure (commonly used in medieval Europe) to Minecraft.  The Feudalist system is heavily focused around aristocracy, holding only a few people in power while the rest are peasants who work land controlled by wealthy nobles.  You can learn a bit more about it here

The Feudal plugin will include the following features (likely more):

  • Create a kingdom to rule
  • Set positions such as king, queen, prince, princess, duke, duchess, and earls.
  • Claim land for your kingdom and its subjects
  • Assign land to fiefs (sections of independently governed land) and hand them over to barons and baronesses.
  • Create a church and assign it a pope and abbots.
  • Create an army controlled by a knight and dame.
  • Add player and NPC soldiers
  • Add civilians to your kingdom as peasants or serfs
  • Set server-wide tax on land claimed by kingdoms
  • The first chunk of land claimed is the capitol to which you can build your castle and home.
  • If the capitol is captured, the attacking kingdom liberates the kingdom.
  • Set chunks as “fortresses”.  A fortress must be within a certain chunk radius in order to claim.  Fortresses will cost more in tax.
  • Set tax on kingdom fiefs and civilians.
  • Attack and liberate fortresses to control the land around them.
  • Set custom per-kingdom permissions and ranks. (Ex. set building to all or just civilians)
  • Built-in permission system to deal with custom kingdom permissions (includes permission groups ALL, CIVILIAN, OFFICIAL, DEPUTY, ROYALTY, and MONARCH)

As said above, as I make the plugin, I will probably think of more to add.

If you are interested in technological stuff, you can track the development progress at the online Github repository here

– Qwertyness


I am currently working on a new plugin!
After realizing that my obsession with Braveheart leaves me wanting to recreate the system of government they had in those times, I have decided to make a new plugin to simulate the feudalist government system within Minecraft!

Some of the planned features:

  • Become a Lord and create your own Kingdom to rule.
  • Claim chunks for your Kingdom to expand how much land you control (Configurable max)
  • Appoint Nobles and award them land.
  • Tax nobles for their use of your kingdom land.
  • Nobles can appoint serfs who give up mined valuables in exchange for protected land privileges.
  • Nobles can set a tax on build privileges within their land.
  • Players can take over land by killing the noble/lord associated with it (Togglable)
  • Kingdoms lose land when a Noble loses their land grant.
  • Tax integrated with Vault/Essentials economy.
  • Buy NPC soldiers to protect your land while you’re gone.

I have written most of the base code to date and am now working on the user interface. You should be feudalizing your server in no time!

New Site!

Welcome to my new website!

I hope to use this site as a place to post my plugins, interests, new ideas, or anything else I see fit to share. Some things you might expect to see in the future:

  • Bukkit plugin info
  • New projects I’m working on
  • Easy access to plugin source
  • My opinions of various topics
  • Tech stuff that I find interesting

Hope you enjoy!