SexyMotdBungee is the official BungeeCord port of SexyMotd for Bukkit and Spigot. It is a BungeeCord plugin that allows you to create a highly customized user experience on the server list that is sure to pop out to all who see it. It contains a lot of the familiar features from the original SexyMotd plus much more.


  • Colored MOTDS (using a hexadecimal character preceded by an ampersand)
  • Fake online players
  • Fake maximum players
  • Player IP logging
  • Tons of variables (see below section)
  • Player head server icons
  • Overlay or independent server icon (supports both optimized and non-optimized animated GIF images)
  • Fake version name (displays where the online/maximum player count is)
  • Custom message when you hover over the server in the server list
  • Create multiple MOTDs and have the plugin choose a random one each time
  • Randomized fake online players
  • Create your own variables with the custom variable system (outlined below)
  • Animated text supported for MOTD, fake version, and hover message
  • Built in scrolling text constructor for animated text (so you don’t have to!)
  • Plugin performance logging (/mp)
  • Configurable animation frame rate and count
  • Configurable connection logging
  • Customizable default name for unlogged IPs (when using %playername% variable)
  • Customizable widths for scrolling text (for each type of animated text)
  • Plugin is designed to be as performance-friendly as possible.

Plugin Info Page (SpigotMC)

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