SexyMotd is a Bukkit plugin that allows users to create highly customized Motd messages to make their appearance on the client server list truly sexy!

The original version of this plugin was created by victor2748 and michidk. After version 1.0, I took over the project as the indefinite developer.


  • Change motd easy and quick with in-game commands
  • Colored motds
  • Fake online players
  • Fake max players
  • Player’s IP logging
  • Display player’s name with %playername% (done with IP logging)
  • Display server’s name with %servername%
  • Display online players with %online_players%
  • Display max player slots with %max_players%
  • Skip to the next line of motd with %newline%
  • Display server’s version with %version%
  • Avatar icons (player’s face as a server icon) (done with IP logging)
  • Overlaying a custom transparent image (.png) over the avatar icon, by providing either a file path, or a URL
  • Fake version.
  • Custom message on player’s value
  • Randomized MOTDs
  • Randomized fake online players
  • Custom variables!!
  • %newplayer%, %banned%, %whitelisted% Boolean variables (for use with conditional/custom variables)
  • %groupName% variable (Will require PermissionsEx)

Get the Source

Download v1.2.2 (Uses AdFly to support me)