Windsor (FRC Stronghold – 2016 Game)

FRC or FIRST Robotics Competition is a global organization of high school students and professional mentors that gather together to plan, build, and program industrial-grade robots for demonstrations at local events as well as competitions between other teams.  FRC Stronghold is the official 2016 competition game.

FRC Stronghold was the official seasonal game released in January 2016.  My team, team 4564 (Orange Chaos) constructed Windsor, our 2016 competition robot.  This year’s code featured a highly dynamic autonomous system as well as a client-side application to drive the autonomous settings.  We tried to keep the concept of abstraction in mind as we built a multi-layered system as a team.  I worked mainly on the lower-level classes such as Heading, ActionHandler, ArmWinch, DriveTrain, etc. while other members implemented those tools in the autonomous and main classes.  I was also the sole contributor in NetworkTablesClient and a large contributor in PiVision.

Stronghold16 (GitHub)

Stronghold16 is the main robot project containing the Java code that runs on the robot’s computer, the roboRIO.

NetworkTablesClient (GitHub)

NetworkTablesClient is a client-side console application that was utilized by the drive team to set up the robot for its beginning-of-match autonomous run.

PiVision (GitHub)

PiVision is a Python program that utilizes OpenCV, a Raspberry Pi, and a Pi Camera to detect and determine adjustments to the robot  in order to properly aim our shooter at a goal marked with retroreflective tape.  This system was highly successful and paired with our robot’s reliable shooter made our team’s 2016 robot globally recognized as one of the top 10 best shooting robots out of over 6,000 teams.

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