Understanding the Brief History of Time

This project was more of a test of my physics and writing skills than my development skills.  It was a blog with a few posts discussing some of the physics principles presented in Steven Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time”.  I created it as a literature interpretation and summary for English class.  It did require the setup of a WordPress instance and some custom coding and styling (including a WP plugin) to get the theme the way I wanted it.

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Windsor (FRC Stronghold – 2016 Game)

FRC or FIRST Robotics Competition is a global organization of high school students and professional mentors that gather together to plan, build, and program industrial-grade robots for demonstrations at local events as well as competitions between other teams.  FRC Stronghold is the official 2016 competition game.

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SexyMotdEngine is a code API that is meant to run SexyMotd series MOTD plugins on Minecraft server platforms.  So far, the engine has been implemented into SexyMotd (Bukkit/Spigot) and SexyMotdBungee (BungeeCord).

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SexyMotdBungee is the official BungeeCord port of SexyMotd for Bukkit and Spigot. It is a BungeeCord plugin that allows you to create a highly customized user experience on the server list that is sure to pop out to all who see it. It contains a lot of the familiar features from the original SexyMotd plus much more.

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SexyMotd is a Bukkit plugin that allows users to create highly customized Motd messages to make their appearance on the client server list truly sexy! Continue reading




PortalCommands is a Bukkit plugin that allows the creation of portals that can execute commands and send messages to the user upon entry. Continue reading