Feudal Development Resumed

For the past few months, I haven’t been working on Feudal much because of the time I have been spending on SexyMotdBungee.  With SexyMotdBungee released, I now have free time to resume the development of Feudal.

As a refresher, Feudal is a Bukkit plugin that will bring the old Feudalist government structure (commonly used in medieval Europe) to Minecraft.  The Feudalist system is heavily focused around aristocracy, holding only a few people in power while the rest are peasants who work land controlled by wealthy nobles.  You can learn a bit more about it here

The Feudal plugin will include the following features (likely more):

  • Create a kingdom to rule
  • Set positions such as king, queen, prince, princess, duke, duchess, and earls.
  • Claim land for your kingdom and its subjects
  • Assign land to fiefs (sections of independently governed land) and hand them over to barons and baronesses.
  • Create a church and assign it a pope and abbots.
  • Create an army controlled by a knight and dame.
  • Add player and NPC soldiers
  • Add civilians to your kingdom as peasants or serfs
  • Set server-wide tax on land claimed by kingdoms
  • The first chunk of land claimed is the capitol to which you can build your castle and home.
  • If the capitol is captured, the attacking kingdom liberates the kingdom.
  • Set chunks as “fortresses”.  A fortress must be within a certain chunk radius in order to claim.  Fortresses will cost more in tax.
  • Set tax on kingdom fiefs and civilians.
  • Attack and liberate fortresses to control the land around them.
  • Set custom per-kingdom permissions and ranks. (Ex. set building to all or just civilians)
  • Built-in permission system to deal with custom kingdom permissions (includes permission groups ALL, CIVILIAN, OFFICIAL, DEPUTY, ROYALTY, and MONARCH)

As said above, as I make the plugin, I will probably think of more to add.

If you are interested in technological stuff, you can track the development progress at the online Github repository here

– Qwertyness

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