I am currently working on a new plugin!
After realizing that my obsession with Braveheart leaves me wanting to recreate the system of government they had in those times, I have decided to make a new plugin to simulate the feudalist government system within Minecraft!

Some of the planned features:

  • Become a Lord and create your own Kingdom to rule.
  • Claim chunks for your Kingdom to expand how much land you control (Configurable max)
  • Appoint Nobles and award them land.
  • Tax nobles for their use of your kingdom land.
  • Nobles can appoint serfs who give up mined valuables in exchange for protected land privileges.
  • Nobles can set a tax on build privileges within their land.
  • Players can take over land by killing the noble/lord associated with it (Togglable)
  • Kingdoms lose land when a Noble loses their land grant.
  • Tax integrated with Vault/Essentials economy.
  • Buy NPC soldiers to protect your land while you’re gone.

I have written most of the base code to date and am now working on the user interface. You should be feudalizing your server in no time!